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About the Artist

I'm a classically trained singer songwriter and founder of the band Dark Beauty, a Cinematic art rock band telling the story of the Dark Angel's tragic fall.  Our music creates a world that lends itself to many real world creations that bring this story to life through wearable arts.

Throughout my life I have pursued a career in music and acting all while working in my family's business of jewelry manufacturing.  I have always been inspired by creating something exciting and fun, so I decided to mix these two fabulous art forms to combine a magical fantasy line of fine jewelry items. 

Our collections combine the beauty of sterling silver, stones, other precious metals and expert craftsmanship, for a beautiful and fun style that will be a conversation starter. 

Having been in the jewelry industry for most of my life, I am fortunate to have access to highly skilled artists with a proven track record of experience at manufacturing jewelry of high quality. 

I introduce you to DBLT Designs.

A magical place that will tie Dark Beauty's music into wearable art pieces.  

Please visit if you would like to learn more about our music and the world of the Dark Angel.

We know you will enjoy wearing our jewelry, and who know's maybe we'll meet at a Dark Beauty show! 


Liz Tapia